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Civil Criminal Litigation
We concentrate on the following types of cases.

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Intensive preparation yields success in either settlement or trial

“Our firm has a long tradition of aggressive use of the law to protect the rights of our clients and to restore, in the form of money damages, what they have lost as a result of the negligence or intentional acts of others who may be individuals,  corporations, or city or town authorities whose actions have injured the lives, dreams or future of those who have entrusted their cases to John and myself.” – Frank O’Boy

Civil Litigation

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Civil cases run the gamut, from cases where our clients have suffered personal injury or tragedy, are the family of a victim of a wrongful death, have been injured in an automobile collisions, product liability, and injury on the job. We also handle civil suits where someone has caused injury to our client’s business. In this type of case we will seek money damages for these violations. We also handle conspiracy and malicious prosecution cases. Typically these cases can be brought under the Federal Civil Right’s Statutes.

Civil Rights cases arise out of the acts of officials who have acted under color of law to violate our client’s civil rights under the Constitution of the United States and Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We seek money damages, and in these types of cases a judge can order the ones whose acts have hurt our clients to pay their attorney fee and costs. A Civil Rights case may be brought   in Federal or State Court.

Insurance companies don’t settle cases based on lawyers who advertise on television. An important factor in their settlement of cases is whether the plaintiff’s lawyers are experienced and have a proven track record of success.

Criminal Cases

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When a client is accused of committing a crime we arrange for his or her release on bail on personal recognizance. We then protect his or her rights by drafting and filing pretrial motions such as motions to suppress evidence. The cases Frank and John handle range from OUI to first degree murder. At the end of the day, if the District Attorney won’t agree to a fair plea bargain we will be ready to proceed to trial. Both Frank and John are veterans with years of either prosecuting or defending clients who run afoul of the law. Both Frank and John are held in high regard by judges, prosecutors and probation officers.

In all cases, Frank and John do not settle civil cases or criminal cases unless we clearly explain the options available to the client and obtain from he or she their assent to the terms of the settlement in a civil or civil rights case or to the terms of the plea bargain from the client in a criminal case.



Wills, Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney, Etc

The law Office of O’Boy & Dingée lawyers also are experienced in preparing testamentary documents after carefully listening to a client’s wants and desires.  If the client needs a complex estate plan to minimize estate taxes and protect assets we generally will call in experts in trusts.